Fin Lit Studies

If you’d like to ponder with me this question check out Basic Financial Literacy – Part 1.

In 2008 I was asked to lecture on personal finance to the honors economic classes at La Guardia High School in NYC.  In preparation I surveyed lots of fin lit courses for high schoolers but didn’t love what I saw.   I thought it was just too detailed, too close to the ground like “how to balance a checkbook”.

My sense was that before the detail the students needed to see the big picture from 10,000 feet, the macro-economic view, what’s really going on.  So I decided to develop my own material.  For more on my curricula click on the Index page, and start with the Curve.

4 Responses to Fin Lit Studies

  1. Lupe says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Fin Lit Studies | jaysanderscpa <Loved it!

  2. Nathaniel,

    Good learning opportunity. Check out the Money Chimp link. See bottom of page for definitions. Run some examples and let me know your answer.


  3. Nathaniel Sundholm says:

    At age 17, is it better to buy US bonds at face value or where you pay half of the face value? I’m not concerned about waiting any certain amount of time.

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