Money in your 20’s

This page introduces the bloggers for, Money in your 20’s.  It’s reserved for guest bloggers who share their thoughts about money, financial literacy and the financial planning process.

Nicole (znic123)

I’m a single woman in my twenties, I have many goals in life and surprisingly (to my peers) many of these are financially driven. My number one goal: be a homeowner. I know this is surprising because I am in my twenties but I am still disappointed in myself because I wish I started this process sooner.

Obviously I still want to live financially comfortable while saving for retirement.

So I started saving.  Simple.  It made me more responsible.  I started safe. Saving, avoiding credit card debt.  And so on. Unfortunately after several years reality set in and these goals still seemed so unattainable. I make a modest salary, I have no assets, and worst of all I have no financial know-how.

So tune in and watch me as I become money savvy.

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