Basic Financial Literacy – Part 5

Complexity (path = personal finance/environment/reality/natural_forces/complexity)

I don’t want to belabor complexity as an environmental factor because it’s obvious. I just want to arouse in you a certain consciousness about it.

Think of how simple life as an infant was.  Eating, getting and giving love and learning.

Think now about how complex it has become.   Job, work or school, self-awareness, relationships, at home, in the workplace, with colleagues and friends, peer pressure, Hollywood, Wall Street, China, government, taxes, health care, insurance and bills, bills and more bills.

It’s easy to lose sight of what matters, lose focus or even worse just get lost.

So complexity is a reality in personal finance, how you work through it and with whom is a matter of choice.

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About jaysanderscpa

Jay Sanders, CPA/PFS, CFP® "There's lots and lots of Numbers in business and your personal life but only some are relevant. The key is to know which one's matter, worry about them and forget the rest."
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