Basic Financial Literacy – Part 9


This post discusses the last of the 4Ts, responsibiliTy and so concludes the 10 basics of financial literacy (see index page). To recap the other Ts are scarciTy, creativiTy and realiTy. The Roman philosopher Cicero best summed it up when he said “a captain who doesn’t know to what port he sails never has a good wind.”

So get consciousness about money. Know that it’s a force of nature. Plan for it.

The simple inescapable reality about your personal financial life it that it’s yours, you own it. If it’s not going well you don’t have the luxury of giving up and weeping. It’s your problem so confront it, deal with it, work at it.

About jaysanderscpa

Jay Sanders, CPA/PFS, CFP® "There's lots and lots of Numbers in business and your personal life but only some are relevant. The key is to know which one's matter, worry about them and forget the rest."
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