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The Euro Crisis – The Movie – From the WSJ

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This video is a must see.  Check it out here.

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Financial Planning Nitty Gritty

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You Can! Get your financial plan rolling with a little help from the FinancialPartner® Guidebook & Forms Set by Noverus publishing. In this digital age where everything’s on-line it’s really comforting to have this 180 page big print landscape oriented … Continue reading

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Civics 103 – The “Superfunction” Human Resources

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The federal budget is divided into 20 functional categories (e.g., national defense, health, energy, transportation), which are further divided into subfunctions. These functional categories provide a broad statement of budget priorities and facilitate the analysis of trends in related programs; … Continue reading

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Civics 102 – U.S. Gov’t expenditures 2010 Vs. 2007

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The above analysis compares Federal budgets fiscal 2010 to 2007.  I’ve chosen these two years to compare because the contrast is both timely (see Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, i.e, Deficit “Supercommittee”) and politically revelatory.  2007 was the last … Continue reading

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For Parents Serious about Teaching Their Kids About Money

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To become financially literate, competent and savvy requires an understanding of basic economic principles and their practical application to personal finance.   As readers of my blog, you know I’m dedicated to explicating and exemplifying those principles through the Curve metaphor of … Continue reading

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Civics 101 – Civics and Financial Literacy

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In this post I’ll begin arguing the case for making ‘civics’ (at a minimum a review of the United States budget and its implications ) an essential component in financial literacy education.  I believe it’s absolutely necessary because government’s  a … Continue reading

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Investment Diversification

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In my post Goals and Risk or the Straight Line Meets the Jagged Line I covered the impact of market volatility on investment portfolios over the last 20 years.  This post discusses diversification as a means to mitigate that volatility. Diversification … Continue reading

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